About Me

I was born and raised in Ontario, and came to the West Coast 15 years ago to complete my Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria. I have spent the last decade and a half living and working on Vancouver Island, as well as in the Fraser Valley, where I currently reside with my 4 young children. When my children were younger, I founded an international company that operated in the juvenile products manufacturing industry, while pursuing my passion for the field of working with families and children in various capacities. I've been grateful to have had the opportunities to pursue this passion through my work as a teacher, birth doula, mentor and even alpine ski coach! In my free time, I love spending time at the mountain skiing with my kids, marathon training, camping, and generally enjoying the gorgeous outdoors we have at our fingertips here in BC!
I first became involved with RDI when one of my own children was diagnosed with ASD, and we experienced as a family, the overwhelming feeling of the crisis mindset that tends to come along with such new diagnoses. Fortunately for my family, we connected with an incredible RDI consultant, who helped me gain new skills in our journey, and empowered me as the most effective teacher to my children.
I feel quite humbled and privileged in my role as an RDI Certified CIT to be able to walk with others down this path, and be able to help ease their burden, provide support and comfort, and reignite dreams that sometimes feel have been extinguished during the early days after diagnosis. For my own child, RDI has been unique in the incredibly positive ways it has transformed all aspects of my family’s lives, and allowed my child to grow and develop in ways I never would have believed possible. I’ve found huge growth and learning in the way in which our entire extended family interact with my children, and in the ways my children interact with their siblings and friends. I have been able to help my child develop skills to manage their ability to self-regulate, as well as increase their joint attention and start learning how to build and maintain meaningful relationships. As a result of such positive successes I have seen within my own family, and others using the RDI program, I decided to make a significant shift in career paths, and started Beyond Limits Autism Consulting, so that I might be able to support other families in their own unique journey. I am so grateful to each family for inviting me into their lives so they can see the positive results that RDI therapy has on their own relationships with their children!


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